Is Distraction Crushing Your Growth Potential?

Business owners, marketing professionals and sales professionals – those that carry perhaps the greatest responsibility for driving company growth – are collectively facing a potentially catastrophic time epidemic. We are experiencing a perfect storm of more social media channels than ever before, an unprecedented level of marketing analytics at our disposal, more fragmented advertising outlets, and rising consumer expectations around segmentation and personalization. It can be overwhelming.... Read More
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Be a Rock Star! Be a Resource.

Being a business professional is much like being a rock star. If you make great music, your audience is going to like you. However, if you give them much more than just the music – such as an engaging performance – chances are, they are going to love you. How does this apply in the business world? In a strange type of way, you’re technically an entertainer. The only difference is, your form of entertainment is centered on your area of expertise. Just as a rock star uses his talents to... Read More
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Stop Settling for Ordinary

We live in a world of stiff competition with so much noise competing for consumer attention, that it can be painfully difficult for brands to get noticed and stand apart from their competition. That’s why the lion’s share of brands simply settle for being ordinary. It’s just easier. As football coaching legend Lou Holtz said, “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”    What does it take for your organization to go from ordinary to... Read More
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How Public Relations Can Increase Visibility and Help Your Small Business Grow

Public relations is a great way for a small business to raise awareness. But when business owners put together marketing plans, they usually think advertising, not public relations. Why? We see advertising everywhere we look. It’s top of mind. Not a lot of thought goes into the fact that PR drives many of the articles you read or stories you see on the evening news. The benefit of PR can often outweigh traditional advertising. You’re much more likely to look at a product or service... Read More
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Creating A Flexible Sales Pitch

If you don’t bend, you’ll break. We’ve all heard that saying before, but it’s increasingly true for sales teams. 21st century prospects can research services, compare brands, and read reviews online before they ever reach out to you directly—and they almost always do their homework. By the time you’re fielding a phone call, your prospect is almost always ready to make a quick purchasing decision. Your prospect knows what they want, and they believe you can deliver the goods. However,... Read More
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